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STUDIO DAPUR Boana Food Cover Large
IDR 220,000.00
STUDIO DAPUR Basic Basket Small
IDR 125,000.00
STUDIO DAPUR Suka Tray Small
IDR 200,000.00
STUDIO DAPUR Satwastu Tray Small
IDR 245,000.00
Sold Out
Boboko Basket
STUDIO DAPUR Boboko Basket
IDR 300,000.00

Bamboo crafts have been so long underestimated for they are commonly made in haste and low quality. People know bamboo for a short term, even disposable usage. An irony considering bamboo is our future green material. Studio Dapur aims to cut the cycle by collaborating with the artisans in producing high-quality artisanal bamboo. Making it higher in economic value so that the artisans are well paid. We are committed in giving back to the village by sharing 10% of our company. The profit will be accumulated to Financial Support, Livelihood Improvements, Research & Development, and Productivity Improvements.