Donate and Support Studio Dapur Artisans Cooperative


IDR 50,000.00

Donate and it means the whole world to us!

Studio Dapur Artisans Cooperative aims to be the best artisan group crafting the best quality of bamboo works. Taking Indonesian bamboo craftsmanship to the next level that will prosper our village and its people. 

Either does it speak to you or give you the right good cause, supporting us means the whole world!
Pledge our flourishing new bamboo artisan generation’s dream by donating to fund their professional training program!

Start from IDR 50,000
Support us for no reward because the good cause speaks to you!
Donate IDR 250,000
Get 4 pcs of our woven coaster for tea time at home!
Donate IDR 500,000
Have our cute small Boana Food Cover on your table.
Donate IDR 1,000,000
Get our signature Large Suka Tray to serve the people at home.
Donate IDR 2,500,000
Have our two bestselling products: set of Large Boana Food Cover and Large Suka Tray

Terms and conditions
1. Donation product rewards can only be shipped to Indonesia only.
2. Donation amount for cooperative development will be deducted with shipping cost.

Together, we can build a sustainable and resilient bamboo craft industry from the village for a better future generation!

Find out more about the program: click here!