for a flourishing new generation of bamboo artisans

Artisan Cooperative

A humble bamboo pole is cut and passed from one pair of hands to another to craft beautiful bamboo crafts. A group of old and young, women and men, master and untrained, we collaborate with bamboo artisans from Padakembang to deliver the best bamboo craftsmanship you can find. Together, we envision a mutual partnership with bamboo artisans by giving the community the best benefits possible.
While working hard to widen our impact to the rest of the community, we learn one thing artisans need to ultimately grow their capacity: the opportunity to build their own dream. We decided to support the artisans to build their own company – a cooperative, which will sustainably nurture our community.
Studio Dapur Artisans Cooperative was just established very recently. It aims high to be the best artisans group providing high quality bamboo products globally. Cooperative providing artisans basic educational and health funds. A whole new motivation for us to flourish – professionally and financially.

How can you support our flourishing new generation of artisans?

Only through cooperation of all stakeholders, a sustainable and mutual craft industry can become reality. We need your support to fund a wholesome training program for our artisans. It will train new professional skills necessary to manage their very own business!

Support by purchasing our beautiful craftsmanship
Purchasing our beautiful craftsmanship equals to supporting us! Part of every sales profit will go to fund artisans training program.

Support by purchase

Minimum purchase of Rp500,000.00 with voucher code “StudioDapurDBS5
gets 5% Discount and 5% profit will be donated to Support Studio Dapur Artisans’ Cooperative.

Minimum purchase of Rp1,000,000.00 with voucher code “StudioDapurDBS10
gets 10% Discount and 10% profit will be donated to support Studio Dapur Artisans’ Cooperative.

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Shop our ethically-made bamboo products!

Donate and have exciting rewards sent to your door step!

Donate and it means the whole world to us! Have our signature artisanal products sent to you as our thanks! 

Donation Reward

Start from IDR 50,000 Support us for no reward because the good cause speaks to you!
Start from IDR 250,000 Donate Rp 250,000.00 and get 4 pcs of our woven coaster for tea time at home!
Start from IDR 500,000 Support with Rp 500,000.00 and have our cute small Boana Food Cover on your table.
Start from IDR 1,000,000 Pledge Rp 1,000,000.00 and get our signature Large Suka Tray with wooden handles to serve the people at home.
Start from IDR 2,500,000
Pledge Rp 2,500,000 and above, have yourself rewarded with our two bestselling and timeless products: one set of Large Boana Food Cover and Large Suka Tray

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What Will We Do With The Money?

Every cent collected will fund Studio Dapur Artisans training program to build their professional skills on managing cooperative such as:

Together, we can build a sustainable and resilient bamboo craft industry from the village for a better future generation!
We make sure to have you updated with the program!